Noe-fi Studios


NOE-FI STUDIOS is a Bucharest-based immersive entertainment studio focussing on state of the art XR projects, neuro-gaming and transmedia franchises.

Our current goal is to achieve creating holistic, continuous artistic worlds that may lead to in-depth social change.

For the past decade, we have been creating innovative artistic universes designed as transmedia franchises that were selected to more than 150 festivals worldwide and multi-awarded. We are aiming to create immersive groundbreaking franchises with an elevated form of community impact.

We passionately believe in storyworlds
having 3 key-ingredients:

“NOE-FI is the shortcut from NOETIC FICTION, a term that I have coined in my PhD thesis on transmedia worldbuilding. If science fiction imagines futures powered by the advancement of science, noetic fiction envisages futures powered by the advancement of human consciousness. Noe-Fi is therefore our most elevated credo towards meaningful story living and with this name in mind we aim to prototype a new approach in global VR.”

Ioana Mischie