Tangible Utopias

Tangible Utopias is a VR universe depicting an Odyssey of long-term future cities as inspired by the visions of children. The pioneering VR franchise is created and directed by Ioana Mischie. At the moment we are aiming to develop it into a neuro-VR game that would allow multiple players to co-design innovative smart cities.
  • Runtime: OPEN WORLD
  • Delivery: multi-player 6DOF primarily & mobile game version
  • Style: Meditative / Exploratory / Interactive / Sensorial / Scalable
  • Genre: Noe-Fi (noetic fiction) / Edutainment / Inspirational
  • References: Journey / Psychic VR / Half-Half


Tangible Utopias is a pioneering virtual reality neuro-game (with a mobile game extension for accessibility purposes). Our project aims to bring together technology, the advancement in neuro-VR and creative visions of people in order to inspire societal debate and to propagate civic engagement with the purpose of co-creating and co-imagining/ prototyping future smart cities and smart initiatives.